Rock It already offers an amazing 60% consignor payout on sales. Check out the tips below to learn how to earn even more! *

Volunteer Program

Volunteering for just 6 hours will boost your consignor payout to 70% AND qualify you to shop before we open to the public!

Volunteer more time and qualify for 80%. Participate as part of Team Rock It and earn your choice of one of the following rewards: An 80% payout OR a 10% shopping discount. As a team member, you are also invited to contribute additional items to the event! Please click here for details.*

Top Performers Program

Sell at least 75% of your items and earn the ability to bring additional items to the next sale. (Sales percentages are based on the prior season's sales performance. The absolute cutoff is 75%, please do not ask for an exception if your sales fall just short of this mark.)

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