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Clothing Items

All clothing items need to be clean, wrinkle free, and presented on hangers. Free top hangers are often available at local dry cleaning stores and retail stores will often allow you to keep the hangers on your purchases if you ask. If you are having trouble finding hangers, check with friends, family, neighbors, your local Goodwill/thrift store, on Craig's List, or at Still having trouble? Visit our FAQ for some additional ideas. For skirts, pants, capris and shorts, do not place on top hangers. We appreciate your efforts to find pant hangers on your own but, if you cannot find enough for all of your items, we will have a small supply that we can loan you. All garments should be hung with the hanger's hook pointing left. The hanger should resemble a question mark when looking at the front of the item. Pants up to size Ladies 16 should be hung with the full front showing, like they would be laid out in front of you. This will allow shoppers to just flip them around to see the back pockets. Bottoms size 18 and higher AND maternity should be hung in a 'side-view' fashion, so that the profile of the item is visible. For items being sold as a set, place the shirt on a top hanger and the bottom on a pant hanger using a rubber band around the necks of the hangers to keep the items together. For any item that may fall off the hanger (tank top or spaghetti strap dresses) secure a rubberband to each side of the hanger to prevent the straps from slipping off. Items without straps such as sleeveless dresses should be hung using pant hangers. We do not allow safety pins on any items, since shoppers will want to try them on. Click here to see an example of prepped items.


Shoes are a little tricky, because shoppers will want to try them on. If a shoe has an eyelet or other way to attach a string tag, please do so. Pumps should be tagged on the bottom, with the label cut out and taped over with clear mailing tape on one shoe and a piece of masking tape placed on the other that has the item's 7-digit number and the price. All shoes need to be in LIKE NEW condition, with no scuff marks and little or NO signs of wear. **Please leave all shoeboxes at home. Shoes will not be displayed in their boxes, so the boxes may get lost.** Click here to see an example of prepped items.


Attach the string tag through the clasp for necklaces, bracelets and anklets. Jewelry hang tags and earring cards will be supplied at the label pick up for your jewelry items. Do not put jewelry in plastic bags. All watches must have batteries and be in working order. Click here to see an example of prepped items.


Ensure that ALL contents of the handbag have been removed and the handbag has been cleaned thoroughly inside and out. Then 'stuff' the bag with tissue or any type of paper (except newspaper which stains) so that it will display nicely in the store. Attach the string tag to the handle.


Attach the tag in any way possible without damaging the item. If you get stumped, please feel free to contact us

What should I write on the item tags?

When registering your product on our site, it is assigned a number. The last three digits of this number go on your tag to help you keep your items in order. We'll provide labels for each item containing: Consignor ID#, the price, description, etc. at the label pick up.

When deciding what clothes to consign, please remember our number one guideline: if you wouldn't buy it, don't sell it! At drop off, your items must be clean, free of stains, tears, odors and pet hair and neatly pressed for the best presentation. A little extra work in the preparation of your items goes a long way in selling them. All items will be inspected prior to the sale. Any items that do not meet our requirements will be removed from the salesfloor.

Please contact us with any questions on pricing or product preparation.

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