Supplies you may need and where to find them

Price Tags

Price tags may be purchased at Wal-Mart, Office Max, Staples, or other office supply stores. They must measure: 1 3/32 in. x 1 3/4 in. and come in bunches of 100 or 500.


Free hangers are often available at local dry cleaning stores and retail stores will often allow you to keep the hangers on your purchases if you ask. If you are having trouble finding hangers, check with friends, family, and neighbors, your local Goodwill/thrift store, on Craig's List, or Freecycle.com. Still having trouble? Visit our FAQ for some additional ideas. Please keep in mind that all top hangers will be left on purchases. The best way to replenish your supply is to come and shop with us!

Price Tagging Gun (highly recommended)/Safety Pins

While safety pins can be used for attaching price tags, they do not stay on very well and are not recommended. It is strongly preferred that you use a tagging gun. Tagging guns offer the best method for applying tags to clothing and other soft goods. The tags are more secure, the prepping process quicker, and the tagging gun is a lot easier on your fingers!

Links have been provided on the Message Board for several providers of these kits. You may also reserve a kit from us by emailing leigh@snugglebugsconsignment.com with the subject line "Tagging Gun Kit Request". Kits include the tagging gun, needle, and a supply of (1000) 3-inch barbs and are available AT OUR COST of $8.50. Kits MUST be reserved in advance by August 15, 2016 and can be picked up at the designated label pick up time.

Tagging your items for the sale...

General Tagging Information and *Fabric Alert*

Attach tags to clothes with a tagging gun (preferred) or a safety pin. For tops, the barb or pin should be placed through the size/care tag to avoid any damage to the fabric. MOST fabrics will be irreversibly damaged if you do not tag/pin them properly. While some fabrics are especially prone to damage (nylon, spandex, etc.), knits and other cottons can be easily damaged as well, if not handled properly. No matter how awesome an item is, it will not sell if it has a hole in it. Pants should be tagged UNDER a belt loop. No tag? No problem. Just put the pricing gun barb or pin in at a seam where the fabric comes together...you won't even have to puncture the fabric. **The barb should be put through the hole in the paper portion of the tag and the string removed. When using a pin, you will pin the string portion of the string tag to the item, so that the paper portion is dangling freely. NEVER attach the tag to the hanger. It must be securely attached to the clothing item itself.

Rock It

Pricing Guidelines

As a general rule, try to price your items 1/4 to 1/3 of the original sale price. The most important thing to keep in mind when pricing your items is that the ONLY way for you to make money is to get your items from the rack to the register. We have provided some general pricing guidelines to help you. Please refer to our Pricing Cheat Sheet for guidance and you will be pricing like a seasoned pro!

$2 rule. ALL items need to be priced at a minimum of $2.

Price your items reasonably. Shoppers attending this event will not be in the mindset of paying near-retail prices. Keep in mind what the item retails for, what someone would pay for it secondhand, and the condition of the item. It is best to imagine what you would pay for the item if you were shopping.

Bring only High Quality Items. Please keep in mind that, regardless of brand name, items that are worn, faded, or out of date do NOT sell and will be refused or pulled from the sales floor before the sale begins.

Maximize your Profits. You will earn more for your items if you follow the pricing guidelines closely and price them competitively. The goal is to price items in a way that they are most likely to sell at full price. Overpricing items initally and banking on the fact that 'Well, if they don't sell at full price, they will sell at half off' is a BAD STRATEGY. Although many items sell during the half -price sale, MANY shoppers will not come back after their first shopping spree. Don't miss out on buyers by pricing your items outside of the guidelines. When entering your items, you can choose whether to offer items at half price or not on an item by item basis.

Ask us. Please feel free to call or email with us pricing questions. We want to help you to be successful!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have.

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